Film Interview: Jason Mewes

Actor/Kevin Smith stalwart Jason Mewes discusses his brand-new FearNet show, upcoming film work, and SMODcast live tour, which recently kicked off in Las Vegas

Vegas Outsider: Right now, what plans do you guys have for doing an overall SMODCast tour in addition to the shows being done in Vegas? Would you like to take this out across the nation? Keep it more local?

Jason Mewes: Well I know one thing we wanted to do with the Vegas appearance is that were the usual segments Hollywood Babble-On and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, but moreover we were thinking about doing it as a monthly appearance there, if all goes well, because it’s close and Vegas is Vegas of course. Now with the tour overall, we’re still working out cities; so I’m not sure if we’ll be keeping it just domestic or going international too. I know the guys are currently looking at England, Ireland, and Scotland I believe. Overall, we just want to move ahead and visit cities we haven’t been to yet as well as come back to places that have done before, if the people there want us back of course. Both Kevin and I have a great time doing those shows and would love to go back to those places if the people will have us back.

VO: What are your thoughts right now on the whole podcast phenomenon? Because right now, that format is really picking up steam and breaking out with the success of programs like [comedians] Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast and Joe Rogan’s personal one. But really, the first major one that I think people took notice of, especially as it was one of the first to successfully monetize is Kevin’s SMODcast, which itself grew out of the Q&A tours.

JM: It’s definitely been an awesome and surreal experience. I mean just getting to do our first movie together, Clerks, and then after that Mallrats, was surreal enough already. And now years and years later for us to do a podcast, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, and people are digging it and all the listeners we have and this whole change that has happened is really awesome. It also really shows the dedication of our fan base; after having stuck around I feel like there’s people I recognize from either going to the signings or calling into the show. There are all these fans that have been around with us since first watching Clerks, joining the original View Askew message board and writing in the Chat section while Moves [Kevin Smith] was running it for however many years. Now it’s transitioning again.

It’s really weird to me, because I’d never paid too much attention to the whole podcast thing before and even though Kevin and Scott Mosier had already been doing it for a few years, I wasn’t too aware before of just how many other people were doing them and how it’s changing with so many people listening to them now. And with us, now we’re on satellite radio too with live streaming straight to your phone and all this. It’s just awesome and I really dig it. Again, when I think about it, it’s so surreal and I’m really grateful to all the kids listening in to the show. My wife also listens to it a lot too, so when I come home I can’t stand to hear myself in the house because I think I sound foolish. People appear to still be listening though and coming back for more.

VO: Well in addition to the tour, you’re also starring in a brand-new show on FearNet that just premiered recently. Could you discuss with us a bit what the premise is as well your role within it?

JM: Yeah I’m really excited about this because it just premiered on FearNet, Todd and the Book of True Evil. We’re actually shooting Season Two right now, I shot most of that already but I had to come home and shoot some more for another movie I’m working on right now called K-11 with DB Sweeney and Tiny Lister. It’s got a really good cast but I had to come home and work on that right now, and then I go back to finish Season Two of Todd. With the show itself, it’s about this kid named Todd; he has his own little gang like the Scooby Gang and it’s basically 90210 meets The Twilight Zone. Each episode is about this book feeding off the insecurities of teenagers and high school kids like “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m not pretty enough”.

For example, it’ll take a kid who says “oh I’m not smart enough” and the quirky way the show handles it is not by then making him smart but by keeping his intelligence the same and dumbing down everyone else around him until they’re almost like Neanderthals. Todd and his gang then have to get the book back and stop whatever’s going on before people start dying. I play a character named Jimmy who’s the mentor, janitor, and guru of the show by always giving Todd advice about girls or how to stop what’s going on. Also, because I’m the janitor and have my janitor’s closet, I always help build weapons for them and stuff like that.

So overall it’s really cool and as the show goes on, there’s more and more backstory that’s revealed. Each episode again is cool and quirky, whereas in Season Two we’re starting to really dig into the backstory like why is Jimmy there, how long has he been there, and why, etc. How did the book get into the school and all that kind of stuff. I finally got to watch all of Season One about three weeks ago because it was first broadcast in Canada and I really enjoyed it, regardless of me being in it or not. Again, it has that sort of 90210Degrassi vibe but a little bit different in how we handle it. Definitely check it out; also this K-11 movie should be really good.

It’s written and directed by Jules Stewart, who is Kristen Stewart’s mom; Kristen’s producing it too. It’s cool for me because I’m playing a totally different character, I’m playing this snitch who is sent to prison and I’m classified as K-11, which means unfit for general population. You’re high profile, like Robert Downey Jr. was when he had his problems a few years back. Or if you’re a snitch or transgender, things like that. I play this Jewish kid named Ben, who lives in the K-11 area and slings dope among other things.

To learn more about the tour or keep tabs on what Jason is up to next, be sure to check out and

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